Core Team
Board of Directors
Amrish Jain
Chairman and Managing Director

A B. Tech civil engineer, a visionary leader and an industry game changer. Amrish Jain chairs and runs one of the top civil construction firms in Mumbai, Jain Engineers, which was founded by him in 1984. Having created and led the company for more than 35 years, Mr Jain, has been the driving force for the company's achievements and success.

Ayush Jain

A double Masters graduate, Ayush Jain, is at the pinnacle of leading projects across Mumbai. He’s continually raising the standard of excellence in the company and his fresh perspective and aggressive approach is key in scaling Jain Engineers to become the best in the industry.

Nipun Jain

Nipun Jain is the new generation at the helm of Jain Engineers bringing in a new era with dynamic ideas paving the way for new growth and development. His meticulous strategies and commitment towards delivering the project on time and leadership have helped the company expand further and achieve rapid growth.